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How to Access Social Care

1. Independence Advice Hub

Independence Advisors, who act as a guide, mentor and coach, helping callers find tailor made solutions that meet their individual needs, will discuss opportunities including digital offers, self-service possibilities and community alternatives to paid for services by looking at a person’s strengths, skills and the resources that they have in their life.

01274 435400
Contact Independence Advice Hub - Online Form

2. Wellbeing Network

Whatever challenges you’re facing, our Wellbeing Hubs won’t let you face them alone. Our staff of trained professionals provide a person-centred support plan for your journey to a happier and healthier life. From Keighley to Tong, our six independent Hubs provide rapid access to free specialist advice and support.

No matter which hub you go to you’ll always find a warm welcome and a friendly face from our culturally diverse staff teams. The beauty of our network is that you can access any of our hubs and, whatever your needs, we’ll get you on the path to better wellbeing! So please reach out to whichever hub is most convenient for you and make our hubs the first stop on your journey to wellbeing.


VCS Wellbeing network and hubs | Bradford Families and Young Persons

3. Community Led Support Hubs

Community Led Support (CLS) programme is a national scheme that Bradford has supported. This involves a network of over 30 statutory organisations with responsibility for adult social care working with their partners and communities to design and deliver different ways of working which maximise the strengths and community connections of people locally.

In Bradford the local community Social Worker teams have setup 'CLS Hubs' within the communities to support an additional access point for people to discuss their support needs in person.

To find your local hub, click here: Commmunity Led Support - Let's Connect Hubs

4. General Practitioners Referral and other Professionals

General Practitioners, or Family Doctors, and other family and/or health professionals, are able to contact Adult Social Care on your, or a loved one's, behalf to raise awareness of your care needs that health would potentially be unable to support.

To find your local General Practitioner please click here: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-gp 

5. Further Important Contacts

Emergency Duty Team
This is the out of hours emergency contact for Adult Social Care.
01274 435400

Safe and Sound
This is the contact for the pendent alarms, part of our assitive technology offer.
01274 435249 (office hours)
01274 434994 (out of hours)

Safeguarding Adults Team
This is how you would report a safeguarding concern for someone who is over 18.
01274 431077
Report a concern online

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