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Carers UK Digital Resource

What is the Digital Resource?

The Digital Resource for Carers is a comprehensive solution that brings together Carers UK’s digital products and online resources into a single webpage to help carers at a click of a mouse. If you would like more information please see the Carer’s UK website

The Digital Resource for Carers is a one-stop solution that brings together Carers UK’s digital products and online resources with our own links to local information and support into a single webpage.

Who is it for?

Carers of any age who live in or care for someone who lives in the Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven areas.

What is available?

  • online resources
  • the Jointly app for sharing care
  • support for isolated carers
  • e-learning courses for carers
  • nutritional e-learning course for carers and cared for
  • the Upfront Guide to Caring
  • the Looking After Someone Guide
  • the Being Heard Guide to self-advocacy for carers
  • information on financial planning carer strain
  • information on working and caring
  • information on technology and caringrs

How do I access this service?

Access to the Digital Resource is provided for carers in Bradford under the Council’s subscription to this Carers UK service. Carers can access the Digital Resource webpage entirely free of charge. You will need to create an account though. Simply click on this link and enter the following access code; DGTL3321 to create your account.

Last reviewed: 23/04/2019
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