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Market Position Statement - April 2020

Welcome to City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s latest adult social care Market Position Statement (MPS). Our ambition is for Bradford residents to be happy, healthy and at home and to create a place where people have choice about their health and wellbeing. To achieve this we need to work collaboratively with our providers, other partners and the wider community to understand our population, continue to develop our local market in Bradford and how we can best support them to be as independent as possible.

Developing the health and social care market supports the Council’s Plan to create as good a quality of life as possible for the people and communities of Bradford District including supporting one of our key priorities to bring better skills, more good jobs and grow the economy. We want to work alongside our providers to support them to continue to develop their workforce and quality and sustainable services.

We have several areas where we are currently developing new approaches and innovative models such as day opportunities and user led organisations. We are working with many different organisations to develop these new initiatives, and this MPS includes information on how you can get involved.

This document is part of a continuing dialogue with our current providers and an opportunity for those new to the area to gain an understanding of the areas we are currently developing and how they can get involved. Our aim is that it will not be a static document but one that is updated regularly and we expect more data and information for providers to be available on our website over the next 12 months. We are keen to hear from providers and there are several ways you can do this including through one off forums or regular events and boards outlined throughout the MPS; we look forward to hearing from you to support the continued development of the market in Bradford.

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Last reviewed: 17/08/2020

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