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Financial Support Service - Provider Portal

This guidance video has been produced to assist providers involved in the Provider Portal Pilot in using the facility.


The provider portal will allow all non-residential providers to be able to submit information about the actual services delivered in the week compared to the planned level of service. Currently this information is recorded by providers in excel spreadsheets called Payment Claim Forms (PCF’s).

Implementing the provider portal to replace PCF’s is also an important aspect of being able to move away from annual billing of customers assessed contributions and introducing 4-weekly billing.

Making this change in invoicing ensures the Dept. is Care Act complainant and be able to meet the requirement of the deferred charging reforms. What we charge will be linked to services received in the previous four weeks rather than over a 52-weeks period.

As a result, there will be less reconciliation of invoices during the financial year when there are amendments need to the person contribution that is linked to changes in the amount of chargeable services having been received.

Providers are expected to complete the actuals in the portal at the end of each week. Delays inputting the data will impact on timely 4-weekly invoicing of customers who have to contribute towards the cost of the adult social care services they have received each week.

To support the prompt payment of variations and adjustments, providers should ensure that they submit the ‘Request for Adjustment of Current Services Form’ as per the terms of the 2023-30 Locality contract ‘Providers must submit the Request for the Adjustment Form within fourteen (14) days of the Provider increasing or decreasing the service’. 

Adjustment forms must be submitted within fourteen (14) days of a TEMPORARY change lasting more than seven (7) days and for PERMANENT changes to the care package. Adjustment forms submitted for increases to services later than fourteen (14) days after the start date of the increase in service, if approved by a Council Assessor will only be backdated for payment to the submission date of the adjustment form. For further information, please see ‘Schedule 2’ payment process in the terms and conditions of the Home Support Locality Contract.

Providers should complete a ‘Request for Adjustment to Current Service Form’ via the online link:  https://onlineforms.bradford.gov.uk/ufs/CHANGE_OF_PROVIDER.eb.

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Logging in to the Portal

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Viewing Remittance Advice

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Communication received from the LA

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Entering actuals using CSV file

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Manually Entering Actuals

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Adding Extra Actuals

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Communicating with the LA via the Portal

Provider Portal (Pilot) - Viewing and Responding to Disputes

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