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Covid-19 Vaccinations for Social Care

Important Information

When selecting/discussing with staff any potential appointment, please make sure that you and staff check the NHS website;, before booking an appointment.

The Covid-19 Vaccine should not be given to: 

  • Individuals who have had a positive Covid-19 test within 28 days, however the vaccination can be given after the 28 day period has expired
  • Individuals who have had multiple, immediate anaphylactic reactions to more than one drug. These individuals should not receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but will be eligible for the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. BTHFT are only able to offer the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine, but both Lynfield Mount and Airedale hospital vaccination hubs have recently begun vaccination with the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. Separate arrangements for booking these appointments will be available if required.
  • Individuals who are 10 days either pre or post-surgery


If you are Pregnant or Breast Feeding: in appropriate circumstances the Covid-19 vaccination can be given, however it is not routinely recommended for pregnant women. If you have a query about this please contact NHS 119.


If staff are of childbearing age please see the advice from the NHS website - LINK (Some information from the NHS and Government  website has been included later on this page)

You will also have to consider that any staff who test positive for Covid-19 between their two vaccination appointments will have to wait 28 days before restarting their vaccination process.

Staff will also have to complete a consent form for their details to be shared with Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust to arrange their vaccination appointment. This consent form will have to be held by the manager of the service to evidence the consent has been given.

Consent to Share Personal Information for Vaccination Form

When booking appointments for your staff, it is important that all information is correct, especially the NHS Number and Date of Birth, as any errors will result in a delay.

Your staff  can also use this online form to request their NHS number: 

To support you in recording staff information for your service, you may wish to use this spreadsheet; COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker Spreadsheet. You will not need to share this spreadsheet going forward.

All available appointments and vaccination sites are shared here:

 - Bradford Royal Infirmary - Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine 

 - Airedale General Hospital - Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine

The booking link will be shared by email, either direct or via a flash email. If you do not have access to these, please contact for the URL.

Please check regularly for new date and location availability. The Covid-19 Support Team will continue to issue flash emails to update you with new appointments and vaccination locations.

You will be required to ensure that you allow staff enough time to attend, taking into consideration the requirement to plan appropriate staff cover for those receiving vaccinations.

As you will be aware, the vaccine is a two stage process.  A follow up date, for the second vaccine will be arranged at the time of the first appointment. Please make sure to record the details of the second appointment and note the current status of each staff member as we will not receive this information.

Please also take into consideration staff shift patterns, potentially booking the vaccine at the end of their shift, allowing staff time to recover.

You may also wish to share this leaflet which provides further information regarding the vaccination programme: Covid-19 Guide for Health and Social Care Staff

Please ensure you update the relevant system with your service's current progress in relation to the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme:

- Care Homes will be required to update their Capacity Tracker profile.

- All other Social Care services will be required to update their Service Update System profile. Should you require your access details for your profile, please submit an account reset request to

Location Details

Bradford Royal Infirmary - One site for the Covid-19 vaccination programme will be at the Sovereign Lecture Theatre at BRI, which is located near the Women's and Newborn Unit. If driving and using the parking facilities at the BRI, you will want to enter through Gate 5. Please remind staff to ensure Covid-19 safe travel arrangements when visiting the BRI.

Airedale - As you turn into the hospital grounds, turn left, and follow the road down the hill.  Just before you reach the No Entry road sign, you’ll see a small parking area on the right outside the Zone D entrance.  Please park there.  If this car park is full, there is a visitors’ car park (P3) opposite. As you enter Zone D through the main doors you should see signs to the vaccination centre check in. 

Support when Booking Appointments

The Covid-19 Support Team will support you during this vaccination programme and should you require any assistance or have any issues when using the booking system, please contact our duty desk using the details here:

Any appointments cancelled or changed through the system will not send a notification. Should your staff need to cancel or rearrange an appointment that has been made for them, please ensure they know to notify you of this cancellation, otherwise they may not receive an alternative appointment. If you are notified of any cancellations, please inform the Covid-19 Support Team via email; 

What staff will need to take to their appointment

Please make sure that staff attending their vaccination appointment bring their work ID, this will act as both evidence of the person and their employment in Social Care. If your staff do not have work ID, please ensure they have a letter signed by the Service Manager confirming the information below and a form of personal ID.

The letter will need to confirm:

 - Full Name of employee
 - Date of Birth of employee
 - Address of employee
 - Employer Details

If staff cannot provide work ID or personal ID with a signed letter, they may be turned away from their appointment.

Staff will be required to complete a Consent Form to receive the vaccine when they attend their appointment, they will no longer need to take a vaccine consent form with them to their appointment.

Last reviewed: 19/01/2021

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