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Covid-19 Vaccination Exemptions

In line with Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes: operational guidance released by the Government on the 04 August 2021, staff will either need to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated or medically exempt from receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

To support staff with being appropriately assessed and given medical exemption on the reasons provided within Chapter 14a of the Covid-19 Green Book.

All exemptions will be consulted and reviewed by a team at Airedale Hospital, this is to ensure all staff are assessed fairly and prevent any complications from differing views/understanding from one GP surgery to another.

Should you or your staff believe that they should receive an exemption, please contact 01535 294323, or 01535 293434, or email, stating that you, or they, require an "exemption discussion appointment".

Last reviewed: 04/08/2021

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