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Care Home Provider Forum 30 June 2020

This Care Home Provider Forum took place via Zoom on the 30 June 2020, with support from the Local Authority, BCA and CCGs.

Meeting Agenda

10.30 - Welcome and Introductions; Louise Bestwick
10.35 - Reflections & Learning from Covid – BCA, LA and CCG perspectives; Louise Bestwick, Jane Wood, Clare Smart, Dean Roberts
11.00 - Current market sustainability and future market strategy; Jane Wood
11.20 - IPC update; Michael Horsley
11.30 - Review of LA Care Resilience Plan & NHS Plans; Jane Wood, Dean Roberts & Clare Smart
11.45 - Launch of Restore to Mini Training & Resources Pack; Deborah Green & Bev Gallagher 


Documents and Slides

2020 06 Care Home Provider Forum Agenda Final

BCA Care Home Forum July 20 Louise Bestwick

Reflections Slide Jane Wood Final

Reflections Slide Clare Smart

2020 June Provider Forum Jane Wood Final

Market Position Statement - Apr 2020

Care Home Forum Jun20 IP MH

Care Home Resilience Plan Review Jane Wood

Care At Home Bradford Provider Forum June 2020 Clare Smart

Care Home Resilience Action Plan 27 05 20 FINAL

BRADFORD Care Home Resilience Template FINAL

Restore2 And Vital Signs Monitoring Provider Forum Bev Gallagher


If you were unable to attend this forum, you can view the live recording of this meeting using the details below:

Access Password: 7Y@2h42r

Last reviewed: 30/06/2020

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